Hmm…I’ve never had that problem. I’ve only used 2 different types of varnish though. I always put it straight on the eyes and it has never clouded up. I wonder why it would do that. I don’t know what to tell you =/ but maybe someone on here knows what you can do.

I use air dry gloss and it hasn’t clouded, and I have used Aleens which doesn’t cloud?? Maybe it is just on too thick??
Anyhow, I have heard that some people have used a wet toothpick and pick it off.

I use DecoArt DuraClear Varnish from Jo Ann’s and it works great. It is about $2.00. I know I already told you that, but maybe it is the varnish you have. I have never heard of the brand you bought. It might just be that because I have never had a problem with mine.
PMing you.

Is it possible that it’s not completely dry? Sorry I’m not much help. I only use the air dry on the lips and nails. I use paper glaze for the eye’s and have never had a problem.