Eyes for Kase Awake

Has anyone ever tried 22mm eyes with Kase awake instead of the 20mm ones? Could you post your pictures? I’m getting a Kase awake and would love to see him with the larger eye.

I put 24mm brown eyes in mine. I used the new ones from BB. I put them in after warming up the head. Slipped in easily.


Can you post a pic of him with 24mm eyes? I still have to order some and I’ve seen some with 20mm eyes and don’t like so much white showing.

Sorry I can’t because I might be entering this baby in a competion. Haven’t decided yet but don’t want to get disqualified.

Can you post a picture of your Kase Awake now? I’ve been scrolling through Kase WIP and Reborn Showcase trying to see who did the best eyes on him. I have 20mm eyes in and they look way to small -too much whites showing. I would love to see Kase with bigger eyes. Thanks.


@Sony72 any update? Lol I’m looking for it, too