Eyelash troubles

I still cant get those eyelashes right, and what kind of glue is the best for them, thanks again

I usually use the air dry gloss or Aleenes to get the eyelashes to stick and make the eyes bright at the same time.

thanks again

thank you

Many of you women have tutorials on here and I want to watch them so bad, but I am computer stupid and I am having trouble. When I go to open the tut, I just get a blank square and a little box in the upper left corner…others do not have this problem, as I see they comment on the tut. So does anyone know what I need to change on my settings to be able to view the tutorials??? Thanks Bj I have Vista

That is all I got when I clicked on it, also. Big white screen with a tiny picture in the upper left hand corner.

I think we may have a setting on our computer to allow these types of video clips, but I do not know where it is…LOl Maybe someone out there can help us? ?? Bj

Yep, that’s what I got too.

Okay I just figured out to click on the picture itself, not the blue letters. Then it will take you to the site. Then find the tutorial you want on the left.

Well, I did that and I get the list and I click on ‘‘applying eyelashes’’ and I get the same box…with the little box in the upper left corner…I am doing something wrong…