Eyebrows! Share your secrets (please)

I’ve been reborning for ages and I still find eyebrows to be the most difficult part. Anyone have tips, secrets, methods, etc, that they would like to share?


Following for tips. :nerd_face:

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For me too … getting better but still very hard .

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But love painting eyebrows! I, generally, draw them with a prisma first but then paint over them after. I look at real baby eyebrows and follow that. Here is my latest - barely there ones. Just pay attention to the direction real hairs go and don’t make them too thin so that they looked plucked. Real babies have wider eyebrows even if they are barely there (excuse the hairs on his face; he just got a trim)


Sony… those are awesome brows…soooo real looking!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sony beautiful job!! :heart_eyes:


@cherielynn09 thanks ladies!

Another tip: I started out doing my eyebrows like <<< >>> as that follows the direction of brow hairs and as time went on found it easier if I would draw a thin, light line along the shape of each brow ridge (and to the shape of the look I wanted to achieve, such as, straighter or rounder or slanted) and then fill in hairs above and below. That way it makes it easier to keep them even; rather than completing one and then working on the other. I just go back on forth on both until they’re where I want them to be…if this makes sense.


that’s what I do too…both at the same time!!

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Your babies are always the most amazing - completely realistic in every single way.

Such beautiful babies! I knew this was going to be a great topic! Any tricks for getting placement right? I’m continually too low or too high and having to restart multiple times.

I always chalk the brow to make sure of the placement. Some babies it’s so hard to tell where it’s going to look best and I like to play around with something super easy to erase!

I will say that for a while, I liked using stencils to get the brow shape itself, but now I prefer to chalk my basic shape and then paint very, very lightly my first layer.

Check out the nail art brushes on Amazon! They are amazing for painting brows!

I don’t have very steady hands and it has helped me to never try to do the whole brow at once. I start in the middle and work out toward the ear, then come back and work from the start of the brow to middle.

I hope that makes sense!

Biggest difference for me was incorporating the back angled strokes, so that you don’t just have all the hairs angled the same way.


I hate doing eyebrows, they can change everything.

When I first started I actually did them backwards <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>> it was awful I think @jlesser called me out (gently) on it.

I just go light, use pencil and paint, I figure if I nail the rest of the baby they eyebrows will be forgiven.