Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows

Well I’ve done it again! I think I ruined my baby’s adorable little face with the eyebrows. The left one was perfect and then I couldn’t replicate it on the other side. The right side stopped wiping off after 6 tries for some reason so I decided I had to leave it as best I could and make the other one match.

Anyway, how bad is it? Hes going to have blonde hair.If its bad, can he be saved :roll_eyes:

This was him before


I do not think they are bad, but you should have a good look at some baby photos how the eyebrows are shaped. Hint: they are not arched in perfect arch. I am not sure where I would put them on this baby; I cannot see any sign of the brow ridge…

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Thank you! I’m starting to get used to the brows although I’m really not happy with them. The left brow had a beautiful angle. What happened was when I started drawing the right one I realized it was way too high and couldn’t get it off all of the way so the eyebrow became fat and arched and I had to make the left one match.

I sealed in the paint before drawing the brows with prismacolor pencils. Is there a secret to getting off the pencil when I make a mistake?

I just whipe it with my finger or a wet paper. Usually it work well, except with black.

They are fine. Are you using air dry? If so, that is what got me into trouble. At first I didn’t wait for paint to cure then i would paint/draw eyebrows. Mess up, wipe off gently, over and over. Next thing you know I would have a big black spot where an eyebrow should be and the paint worn down to bare vinyl. Looking at the head my left would always be worse. So now I try to start with that side.

I am using air dry. I think that’s the problem for sure then! I’m always eager to get on to the next step. How long do you wait for your paints to cure?

I am using air dry too and seal, varnish then let cure about a week, sometime more.

I believe 72 hrs is good for some air dry. Up to a week is best. Maybe you can get a practice piece and try after the 72 and see how it goes. Also, I saw some eyebrow stencils at the dollar store awhile back. Maybe those might come in handy just to serve as a guideline. I bought some but I don’t know where i stuck them.

a week! Oh boy, ok that’s where I went wrong haha I need to have more patience! I have some test limbs coming this week that will be helpful. Hopefully my next baby will have lovely brows :slight_smile:

72h yes it’s a minimum. And don’t push too hard on the pencil ! Go very very light. Then slowly add more colors for depth when you find your line is great.

I think they’re fine. Maybe add 1 or 2 hairs to the middle of the left one (right in the picture). Once you add hair the eyebrows don’t seem as prominent. I use air dry and they’re a little less forgiving than heat set. So I make tiny dots (just a few) with a prisma pencil in the same color as the hair to get the arch and width the way I want them. I fill in a few hairs and wipe the dots off with a toothpick, then fill in the rest of the hairs, doing one on the left and a matching one on the right. I usually do just 2 or 3 hairs and let them dry before adding more because they tend to change color a bit when dry. When I’ve tried to do a whole eyebrow and then try to make the other one match it doesn’t work very well. If you want them to be perfectly even you can use a tape measure wrapped around the head and make the 1st tiny dot above the center of the eye in the middle of the brow ridge. Corbin doesn’t have very defined brow ridges and I think you put them in just the right spot.

Just a tip I use from a reborner WAYYYYY back when I used to do this. When doing your brows, turn the head upside down (chin away from you) and draw the right eyebrow (or left if you’re left handed). Now turn the head the correct way and draw on the other one. You should have a better set of brows this way as you’re drawing both on the “dominant side”. :grinning: