Eyebrow placement


Can someone let me know if I need to realign the eyebrows or lighten them. They have not been baked yet.


They look a bit high to me, and a bit thick. I like his skintone though :slight_smile:


Okay😊 thank you. I will readjust and thin.


They are a bit high & thick. Have you ever tried a prismacolor pencil? I love using them especially for brows.

You want to place them where the brow bone is.


i have , I was just messing around with paint lol, but I’ve just pulled my pencils back out. Thank you for the illustration.


I think I’m gonna just give my all my babies unibrows and be done with it. I can change my nursery name to Unibrow Lane lol


@specialmoments @MilosMeadows
I did them with prisma this time and tried making them thinner.


I love that skin tone and lip color combination!


I agree. I love that skin color though!:slightly_smiling_face:


I think they are still too high.


I also still think they’re too high. They need to be where the brow bone protrudes and not in the indentation above the brow bone (where I see a lot of people put them). But he’s very cute! Good job!


:neutral_face: I baked them last night. I have another taite in need of eyebrows today so I will try to place them lower. I’ve watched videos, heck I’ve taken human anatomy and was a radiology tech—you’d think I could figure out something as simple as brow bones on a sculpt. This is crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


I agree, and don’t beat yourself up, eyebrows are hard to learn and I see long time artist that paint them halfway up the forehead LOL… you will do great!!


I look at pictures of the prototype for proper placement. Easier to critic someone else’s work sometimes. They are still too high- eyebrow muscles pull down the eyebrows when crying


yes that’s where i looked first lol, but that is a good thought…they do pull down


There is a brow line you are about an inch and a half too high they need to be just above the eye where those nose creases are. Don’t mean to be unkind but eyebrows aren’t in the hairline.


To me the placement looks okay. Squinting/crying brow placement can be a little difficult to determine because the brow bone is a little thin. I think if you make them just a tad fuller especially with very fine and more individual “strokes” & less arch the brow placement will more natural


@Shera1 not unkind–any advice given in the forum should be teachable, and meant to be taken as so. So ty for your input.
@specialmoments thank you. I ended up googling crying preemie babies and I do notice what you mean. I did however notice that many preemies shown had none or very little eyebrow. I’m totally wishing I would have paid attention to that before lol, but I am not complaining bc these kits were meant to be practice kits so I can improve my reborning before I get to my more expensive kits :grinning:


Great attitude of acceptance of critique…you will do well!


They still look a bit to high to me. I would bring them down a little bit more. JMO