Eye sizes

Hi!! Do glass eyes fit differently than poly? I want to order eyes for will scholl… And I would like glass. The website says 18mm, and another says 20mm. What do you ladies think would work better?

Did you get your Will? When I ordered from Tinkerbell it only took from Saturday when I ordered, until Thurs. to get my Amelia kit, and they didn’t send it out until Monday.

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No, he hadn’t come yet! He is coming from the Netherlands so I don’t know how long it will take!

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Wow!!! How do they do that so fast???

I always buy one size larger than it says. I just like less white showing. Flat glass eyes do fit differently but you can always put a little fiberfill behind the eye to make it fit tightly.


Thank you!!!

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Olga Auer sent the mini-O kits from Germany on the Monday before Thanksgiving and delivery was attempted to Kaitlyn on Wednsday. They have 2 day express. I just got a kit that Andama sent from Australia using regular post and it took 16 days to get to me.


The oval glass are measured across the longest part, so you definitely need one size up. minimum/… The round, be it full or half, should be the same size as acrylic.

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Thank you ladies! :heart: