Eye see you or no?


Here is the set of peepers for the July swap but as pretty as they are I am more than fearful her momma won’t like em! :confused:
This is my first swap and oh so nervous! Lol


I think they look great!! I Love that babies eyebrows!


Yay!!! 1 vote yes! I painted her very early on in my reborning skills. In just worried sick that she doesn’t represent my skills now. I’ve gotten so much better but she’s cute the way she is and almost all rooted. Anyone else felt nervous on Thier first swap? This kit is a really tough one to paint!


I love them I see no reason why she would not like them but maybe whom ever the mommy is hopefully she will tell you she likes them or not.


Very nice eyebrows and gorgeous eyes!! And yes, I was super nervous with my swap.


This is my first swap too! And I hope my swap mommy likes this baby! The baby was a challenge for me! But I think he or she is cute.


Great eyes - are they the dusky blue? I think they are beautiful!


They are beautiful and this is my first swap and I’m nervous too this baby was so hard and a lot of bumps along the road but i hope she likes it and knows i did my best


They are a tad violet. Stunning on baby but not sure if their babyish enough.
So glad you ladies like them and that I’m not the only nervous one!


They are beautiful! The new momma will love them.


Hun I think I can say once we put our babies in the boxes to mail to their new mommies everyone gets a case of the nerves. I know I always do. I hope my babies new mommy loves hers as much as I have grown to love her.


Those are gorgeous I love them


I think they look fantastic. (But the idea of a swap at this point in my development makes me stop breathing and hurts my stomach!) Someday I’ll be brave and good enough like all the other ladies!


I think the eyes are gorgeous and hopefully the baby will do them justice… Since the person getting his baby has no idea it might be hers, perhaps she is lurking in that shadows and will post a note so you can relax… I haven’t participated in a swap and probably won’t since I don’t actually “collect” the babies for myself… It sure seems like fun and I love seeing the photos of what everyone received. Hopefully all involved will be VERY pleased this time… Windy - it looks like you are doing a great job - rooted lashes - nice eyebrows - and pretty eyes… Anxious to see the “Mom’s” response…