Eye Preference Opinion

Just wondering if anyone else notices that a lot of reborns have eyes usually glass that take up entire eye socket as far as the iris or colored part is concerned? It just looks so odd and unnatural to me. Most babies you can see at least a little bit white on sides.

I thought the same thing with my baby when I put her eyes in her head, so I was excited to find eyes that didn’t look so big, but now i am stuck between which ones to use, lol!! Now that her hair is almost done I am leaning towards the bigger looking eyes, but I don’t know! maybe when she is completely done, I will post a pic with one of each eyes and take a vote!!!

Tibby, it seems to me, is one that calls for the larger eyes…otherwise she has a scared, sort of deer in the headlights look. All depends on the sculpt, I guess.

I noticed that too! I don’t like it, really. I prefer “real looking”.

The worst is that they choose to put these huge eyes on babies that already have sort ot “startled” eyes.

Bad combination…

I love the baby pic of Sophia

I’ve noticed the lack of white (or just a tiny bit showing) when I put eyes in a couple of dolls. I didn’t have a smaller size to see if I liked it better unfortunately. Makes me want to check out more real babies…but hubby says that stalking babies in the store is not a good idea!

that’s funny djjesse!!! My sister just had a baby, her 5th girl, no boys, and she can’t have anymore now nor wants anymore, lol!!! I have been paying close attention to my new niece, and believe it or not, you can only see a small bit of the white in her eyes. She is so tiny and so cute. Just love babies!!! I noticed alot about newborns with ther even though I have 3 children ages 12,6, and 2, and it’s amazing how much you forget as they get older. Just makes you want to hold onto every tiny memory you can, but it doesn’t work like that. I have some up close pics of her, will try to figure out how to attach them, and post them tomorrow. One of my newphews who is 11 months old now, he has really big eyes, but still cute. I will probably upload pics to photobucket and post the links. On little Maggie, you can see the different colors in her face, some yellowing, blue, mostly red, blushing, veins, hair line, baby acne, etc. Which might be helpful. I noticed newborns sure are red, which you don’t see a lot of reborn infants so red it seems.

I made Kissable redder than most of the dolls I paint because she is so tiny but yeah, most people forget that newborns are RED! I only remember because of looking at Catherine’s newborn photos. But then buyers might have forgotten too so balancing reality with fantasy gets challenging…well, except for those of us who are older…we forget there is such a thing as reality!