Eye Brand

Hi I’m looking for an eye like the following in 22mm. I have tried a few brands already and they don’t look real. Want half round glass or acrylic not picky just want them to look the most like the picture. Thanks image

Following. That natural looking blue is hard to find.

Maybe the blue grey Lauscha from dolls by sandie? Or the antique grey?

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I bought eyeco “cornflower” from her. They’re pretty but way too glow in the dark.
Have you tried the glass Laush ones? They look nice on the front page but super dark when you click on them for the order page. Do they look like light natural blue baby eyes in person?

I have a lot of glass eyes and the “ice” or “light” blues look most like that but they all seem to look different. Im in Europe so I am fortunate enough to get them at lower cost. My favourites are the regular blue from Puppentraumland but the lighter blue is nice as well…I have never tried the grey blue but I should buy some of those next time to see how they look. I have some from Secrist France as well and they have a yellowish green rim around the inside next to the pupil, more like the eye in your picture…I think they are called Ice blue.


That website is very interesting. Wish I could read it :slight_smile: thanks

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Puppentraumland? or Secrist France?
You can change the language to English on both :wink:

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‘Tiny Tots’ in Australia has these two.

Eyeco A223

Eyeco stormy


Also these from Anne Made reborn Supplies (Australia)

Baby blue

eyes%20heavenly%20blue F1538A2B-766C-494A-B78D-FD2C6F660FE3
Heavenly Blue

Winter Blue


Puppentraumland. Hmm I’ll look closer. Thanks that’s wonderful help :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks! I have lots of family in Australia btw. These are great!


Look for Doris on FB. Amazing eyes!

Reborn Emporium-Eyes and accessories

Thanks for helping! :slight_smile: I’m not on Facebook. I guess if I decide to sell any babies I might have to do all those kinds of sites.

She has a website.

Jessica Schenk has pretty gray glass eyes:


Cassie Brace has these blue-gray eyes: