Extender rings?

Hi all. I’m really new. Just got my first kit yesterday. I’m wondering why you need an extender ring on the ovens? I’ve looked but can’t find an answer. Can you use an oven to cure a baby without the extender ring?please help.

If you don’t use an extender ring the vinyl gets too close to the heating element and melts. I forgot to use my extender ring when I first started reborning, and I melted a kit. Not a fun experience.

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You’d probably melt the kit if you don’t use it.


I was thinking that was the reason but wanted to make sure.

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What kind of oven do you have?

Nuwave sells them on thier site.

I did find that sharper image extender rings are just a tad smaller and don’t fit a nuwave so you “def might” need one specific to your oven.

Check craigslist, Facebook marketplace etc. I bought a brand new never used digital nuwave WITH an extender ring at goodwill for $14.99