Experiment! (She's up to something...)


Wow! I would never believe that ‘after’ came from that ‘before’. You are a great sculptor!


I love it! can’t wait!


I think your baby is marvelous, you are very creative. I have never done any polymer clay over vinyl but I just want to say: Izzy has altered dolls with polymer and she let us all know that it does NOT hold up well. If you are keeping it for yourself you would have no worries but if you sold it and it starts coming apart you might get some ugliness coming back to you. I hope none of that happens. Wishing you luck, he is really cute.


I will chime in that epoxy isn’t much better. The thing is vinyl is soft and moves where poly and epoxy get hard, not a match made in heaven but it can look great and it is ok for careful handeling ( and a little help form E6000).


Maybe a little faux-fur vest!


Thanks very much for the info!! I’m not planning on selling it, but if I had that could have been disasterous. It’ll probably end up in my already-too-crowded china cabinet, or in my classroom as a strange addition to still life compositions :blush:


The head is a hard vinyl without much give, and the body is even a little harder. I’m actually a little worried about it melting in the oven. The weather was really nice last night so we had the doors open, and I didn’t want to bake on the back porch when the fumes could come in. Gotta get gutsy today and give it a bake :joy:

I’ll let y’all know how durable it seems after. I was mostly just doing it for fun, and to see if I could. Sculpting was a lot more enjoyable to me with a doll underneath! I have visions of an army of altered thrift store creatures in my classroom…hahaha


Welp…I should have wrapped the body in something while baking! He melted a little. Beware of thrift shop dolls! But I’m going to cover that part anyway, so no biggie I’m thinking some kind of long mohair cloak type thing like this?

The sculpey seems pretty solidly connected. I wouldn’t be able to lift anything up to glue, even if I wanted to. I guess time will tell how permanent it is.


Loving him/her already!


Wow!! What a cute little devil. You’re very artistically talented


OMG I just love how the baby turned out!! and am super excited to see the end result! in the future something you could do, is cover the baby in saran wrap. Then when your’e done sculpting freeze it so you can take the clay off without it becoming misshapen. After that bake the clay and attach it with epoxy! as for hair, you can look up how to make a wig with glue and no sewing, and then use the same technique to attach the hair possibly?


Thank you, great ideas!!