Exited about Local Custom Order :) ,From taking reborns out

I have two custom orders from my girls’ school. I let them take the first one that I ever made and one of the staff has ordered two for Christmas. I think people seeing the babies is the best advertisement also!


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I finished my first reborn when I was 15 (in 2005). My grandmother took her to the school she worked at (where I went when I was in 4th and 5th so the same teachers were still there) and it just kinda spread all around that teachers wanted them. I think I made about 5 or more for the teachers there lol. My 5th grade teacher wanted one too. So taking them out in public and to my old school really worked well for me.

I just wish I had taken pics of them. I had made an awesome AA baby, which became my favorite baby I made back then.