Exciting day!


Saw my daughter for the first time since she shipped to basic. She is so tiny, but she did it and She graduates tomorrow😊


That’s awesome! My husband is a Marine as well.


That’s awesome!






God bless your daughter. I’m sure you’re really proud of her, as you should be. :heart:️️


You have reason to be proud! I think the Marines basic is tougher than some of the others. I could be wrong, but that is the perception I have anyway. So, congrats to your daughter!


Congratulations to you daughter!!! :fireworks::sparkler:


Congratulations to the New Marine, tell her - Thank You for her service!


I’m sure you are so proud of her. I’m sure she will be a great asset to the marines. Thank you for wanting to serve this country, young lady.


That is so awesome!!!


Tell her congrats! I bet it’s a very emotional day for everyone. Did she get her orders?


Tell her. WAY TO GO…and THANK YOU.

What a great accomplishment for her…Marines…WOW!!!


Aww she looks so young. Congrats! Enjoy the 10 days it goes by too fast.


Congrats !!! So proud of her. I have been employed for the VA for ten years and love taking care of Veterans !!!


She did get her orders. She will be joining us back home for 5 of her days. I’ll let you know when I get back. I’d love for you to meet her😊