Ever reborned any of these kits

So I was looking for cheap non BB kits and found these for sale. They’re cheap enough to practice on, mod and throw away if I goof them up too badly. The site will be having a cyber monday sale making them even cheaper (hopefully they’ll be part of the sale). Because they are older kits I was wondering if they have weird vinyl, weird in color or feel. The site doesn’t show the blank kit for any of them. The Hilary kit specifically states "comes in soft,neutral vinyl, Holly says kit comes in “light tan vinyl, not orange, not pink,” and the others don’t say anything about the vinyl at all.

So does anyone have experience with any of these kits, anything you remember about them or reasons to avoid them (other than they’re ancient lol) ?

Ebony by Margaret Mousa
Olivia by Margaret Mousa

Hilary by Cathy Rowland

Holly by Cathy Rowland

Madeline by Angela Kassis-Anderson

Pia Doll by Sigrun Heck

Sacha by Els Oostema


I’m betting it’s creative impressions, but watch me be wrong. :slight_smile:


It’s Creative Impressions.

Nope you’re right lol
I bought a quad set from them earlier this month and the were perfectly fine, but Some of these that I posted here are really old from what I could find looking them up. I know vinyls change and some is just down right nasty to work with.


I reborned Hillary Rowland and I don’t remember having any trouble with the vinyl, but she was an early baby and I could just have been oblivious. I remember that I painted her hair using a quill pen and thought it was nice - I look at the pictures of it now and wonder why I ever thought that? I painted Grant at the same time and his hair was better! They found homes though - I think I sold them to The Doll House for $185 and she sold them for $299.


Ive painted Hillary too. She turned out cute.


Oh I love your Hillary,and I think her quill pen hair looks nice. Myself who’s only ever painted or made lace wig hair for fantasy/monster babies and dolls, I’d be so proud of myself if I could paint a reborn head to look half as good. I’ve got 3 vVERY BALD baby heads staring at me right now wondering if I’ll ever give them hair…or at least a hat lol.

Oh she’s really cute with hair too. On the sale website he photos don;t have hair either, and one of the pictures makes her forehead look pretty long. Now seeing yours and Pia’s she looks really cute. Thank you


I did Ebony, she was a cutie, I loved her. That was some 5 (?) years ago

I like ebony, I think I’ll get that one for sure. Her and Madeline
Yes, I think all of them are at least 5-6 years old at minimum. I was trying find something to tell me when the release dates were, but I haven’t been able to locate that info on any of them.

In all honesty I don’t really know if their prices are all that good for the ages of the kits, but they’re the cheapest I could find for non BB kits that I’d be happy playing around with. I’ve been buying BB kits left and right with the intention of practicing on them, but the ones that I have I really like and don’t want to destroy them up practicing on them. So far these were the best alternative I could find.

I like Madeline! As for Hillary, well, I think she looks like Lulu lol.

I was just looking to see if Stephanie Sullivan Tackett had any good deals going (she often does) and she has a 17" Kiki on sale. Pretty cute. http://www.hunnybunsrebornsupply.com/inc/sdetail/8791/38676


Aw that face is adorable! Her Kendall sculpt was my first reborn, her paint/rooting job wasn’t the greatest but that kit was a cutie nevertheless. :slight_smile:

When people say “Welcome aboard this newest Doll kit Ebony, absolutely precious!!! By Master artist, Margaret Mousa!!” about kit that is 6+ years old, that really puts me off the seller. But there are many dealers who do not update their website, it shows they are slack at the best and possibly dishonest. Of-course, people who have been around the reborn world for a while will not get caught, but new people might. :frowning:

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Yes I saw Kiki a few weeks ago,but didn’t get her. I was looking for those quads and hunnybuns didn’t have them all,but I saw her when I was there. She cute too.

I was thinking about this one too, but wanted to look for open eyed babied first. What do you y’all think of this one? I found her at nonies angeles.


I reborned 2 Kendalls and an Isabella - i thought that the necks were too long, but the vinyl is really easy to work with and price was right for me at the time. I think they were like $30.00 each.

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I was thinking the same thing…when was this site last updated?

Nonies is the same way (but I love her site anyway). I know the stuff on the home page gets updated regularly, and items get moved to sales/special area, but the item/kit descriptions never change. On the super sale page Polly Maynard is there advertised as the newest kit so is Elijah Pigott (both of whom I WANT) …and big eared Sally Brown. IDK, maybe they just don’t have time to go in and change all of those descriptions?

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@izzy @pia Are Kendall and Isabella S. Sullivan babies too?

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Yes they are but I guess they aren’t available anymore.

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Yes it is :blush:

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Lol Story of my life

I ordered some babies from CherylWeber too that I really like. I’ve only started on 1 of them so far.

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