European buyers - would you recommend to ship internationally?


I have someone contacted me on my FB nursery with the interest to ship Blaze to Italy.
Would you do it?


I’ve offered to mail overseas several times. Usually though, once they find out the shipping cost, as well as realizing there are customs fees, they change their mind. This is my experience anyway. :grimacing:


I ship to Europe and other places on a semi regular basis. Actually just shipped one to Singapore. :blush:


I do international shipping on an individual basis-two to Colombia, one to Australia. They were both expensive to ship, but I took the ready to mail boxes to the post office to find out the actual cost and pick up the necessary paperwork. Then I invoiced the customer for the shipping and let her know that any customs fees, taxes, etc. were her responsibility as we have no way to know what those will be. I’ve only done those three but had no problems.


Thank you, everyone! I’ll let her to know that shipping for large USPS flat rate box is $64.50 plus she would need to pay custom fees and taxes and see how it all goes out that!


Don’t forget to add extra insurance. Priority mail comes with $50 insurance. But you want to make sure the package is covered for the full value.


Correct, thank you for reminding me about that :slight_smile:


I just noticed that changed ‘Adopt’ button to ‘Order Now’. I thought that I set-up something wrong, but looked at te other listings and it’s like that for everyone.


Have you tested to make sure Blaze will fit in a large flat rate box?


Yes, but only if I’ll put him in the fetal position b/c he will have a blanket + bubble wrap.


If you package well, fill out the customs forms properly and make sure the buyer is fully aware of shipping and extra customs costs, you should be good to go.
I’ve gotten packages from the US and Canada, and it’s always gone just fine. The extra costs are just a bit painful sometimes, haha.


I shipped to Spain recently. It took my customer over a month to receive the doll because they held him in customs for so long.