Etsy Question


Hi. I opened a shop on etsy and listed a baby. However, when I went back and searched in the reborn section I could not find her listing. I see her in my shop but do the listings not appear on the main site when people search? Any of you that have babies posted on Etsy, I would appreciate feedback on how to get her listing to show up. Thanks!!


It takes a few hours for the listing to show up. Add a lot of reborning related tags in tags and in listing name and it should show up soon


What is Etsy? I realise that it is a selling/auction site maybe?
I have been reading the comments about e-bay and problems with people saying they have not received an item or wanting to return, so in that case e-bay makes you pay the money back?

I had a bad problem once as a buyer, I paid for a custom doll to be made for me, the so called artist took my money sent me a couple of photos of the doll kit and first coats of paint, then nothing! I e-mailed LOTs of times to politely ask what was happening and how was the doll coming along and got no reply, I had to open a case with paypal for goods not received and I did get my money back but I was very upset that I was cheated. I am an honest person and would never do that as a buyer or seller. One time I paid quite a bit of money for a doll which looked good in the photos but when it came, I just did not like the doll, the sculpt was not what I liked but it did look ok in the pictures on e-bay, anyhow I did not ask for a refund, I put the doll back for sale on e-bay and ended up losing out on what I paid for the doll and what I got back for reselling it. It was not the artist fault that I did not like the doll in person so why should I ask for a refund.

One day I hope to get good enough to sell dolls but this whole e-bay thing is a bit scarey after reading how some of you have been cheated.