ETSY question ~ help please!

Alrighty then, I relisted a couple of reborns on Etsy to avoid Evilbay and all the craziness over there. SOOOOOO…now I have a lunatic asking me to lower my prices (I already DID, just to make a few sales on Etsy and get established) oh, and could I just “hold” this baby for a couple of weeks till she can afford it? She “loves my babies” and just “wants a baby so bad” that I’m thinking she must be a NUT.

Is there any way to block a buyer on Etsy??? I do NOT want to deal with this idiot. I have too many other things going on right now for that.

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I’ve not had experience with this, but I can’t imagine why you just can’t say no to her – it’s not your policy to hold merchandise.

Maybe suggest that since she wants one so badly that perhaps she put her money aside until she can afford it, then she is welcome to contact you again. Even offer a custom baby, you can collect a NON REFUNDABLE down payment to cover costs BEFORE you even begin the doll. Once you have her money, she will be more committed!

Okay, thanks; I’m kind of thinking she must be a child from the way she phrases her comments/questions. No reason to think that all the loons are hanging out at Evilbay, I guess.

Karen - “Olivia at Work with Mommy” is so darling… If she had a cell phone to message with, she would remind me of most employees these days… What happened to the “work ethic”…

Hi! Unfortunately you can’t block people on etsy- just tell her you cannot afford to hold a doll. If you can afford to do a half down (nonrefundable) deposit then you could give her that option, but other than that, just simply say, I’m sorry, I just cannot do that at the moment. Best of luck dont let her get you down! There are crazy people sometimes!!

I always respond instead of ignore (because sometimes they keep persisting), but I do say “No, but thanks for your interest”.

I would tell her to contact you when she has money saved. You will be having more babies available in the future…

Don’t hold it. she will just disappear.