Etsy Auction

Just wondering if anyone here, has had any luck selling there reborns there? I just listed a Sam by Marisa May. I had her on e-bay twice. All i received from there were alot of watchers and a few nice compliments. I noticed a few have been listed for months. So that’s why i’m wondering. That would probably aggravate me. This is the first time i haven’t sold on e-bay. Any thoughts, i’d love to here from you. Thanks DEE


I have not had any luck with Etsy…I had one posted during the summer & have one posted now, I believe it’s been on there about a week. I have had 22 lookers & one person hearted the auction. But no sell so far.

I have a friend who sold one of her first reborns on Etsy the first day it was listed. She got the asking price of $250.

I just think it’s slow all over because of the economy.

Good Luck!


Hi, I’m not real familiar with etsy. The first I’ve heard of it is here on this forum. I visited their site but found it a little complicated. Maybe someone can answer a couple of questions for me. First of all, do they charge listing fees and a percentage of the sale like ebay does? Also, does etsy have the capability of posting a template? I’ve seen reborns listed but just with pictures, no templates.
I’m just wondering if anyone has used etsy with their templates.