Ethon wip



Oh my goodness, he is just gorgeaus. :slight_smile:


Oh I love him!



I can’t wait to start painting mine :smiley:


Aww !!! He’s such a sweetheart


How cute


He’s so cute!! Looks great so far. :blush:


So cute! This kit has great personality.:heart_eyes:


Looking great what size eyes did you use the recommended 22mm or another ?


i already happened to have some 22mm BB glass ones so have used those they seem to fit perfectly


Yes they look great that is why I wondered the opening looked a bit small to me so I just figured i would ask you rather than go the the work of trying to put mine in right now :smile:


yes I usually like to put mine in from the front but as the openings on the face are too small I had to insert them from inside but they did fit very well and were easy to put in.


I always put in from the inside so it saves me some work and worry to know the size is correct Thanks for telling me I hate nasty surprises on eyes not fitting.


No worries, I know what you mean I’ve had a couple and being in NZ it’s not like I can easily get more glass eyes in with a long wait and expense.


He’s looking good! Very realistic.


What a cutie! Amazing depth, and I absolutely adore his expression. I can’t wait to see him when you finish!!


Beautiful so far


He looks very real.


Thanks again I also had eyes on hand I wanted to use rather than purchase more and they fit quite well nice save .
PS Added a pic but deleted didn’t want to look like trying to snag your post lol


no that’s ok would love to see
i saw it in my email, they are lovely eyes you’ve used