Ethnic Shyann


Here are some finished pics of my ethnic Shyann! She’s my first attempt at ethnic skintones so she’s in no way perfect, but I still think she’s cute. :wink:

I bought her as partially painted kit by Brooke Nicole and finished her myself:


Very cute!


Your kidding me? first ethic ?Looks like youve done them forever great job im jealous!!


She’s gorgeous, Izzy.


I love her!! Which limbs are you using? I know Shyann had those little tiny hands and feet.


I love her! Her palms and soles look so soft!


I like those limbs much better on her.


She is so beautiful!




Wow! Amazing!


She’s lovely!!!


Just too cute!!


You did a great job on her. So cute


Your coloring is amazing. Stunning doll.


Thank you so much, everyone! @cindylouwho those are kaya helland limbs.


That’s cool, I never knew that some artists like Nicole Brooke half paint the kits and then they send off to the buyers to be finished painted!:blush:


She is stunning. I love the shading and highlights you have going on. Seriously great job!


I just assumed that it was a doll that she had started painting and didn’t want to finish.