Ethnic Realborn Joseph 3M (my keeper) Pic heavy

So, I have finished him for now! (I ordered his hair this morning) This guy means a lot to me because if you recall the first realborn joesph asleep I did you will remember that there was a LOT of drama surrounding the lady who purchased him. (She basically took advantage of my kindness) In a way this was like redemption to me and now I feel kind of at peace with him!


Cute, but it looks like he’s missing some lashes on his right eye. Can’t wait to see him with hair.


He is precious! I DO remember the drama on the first one. Wow. But, you learned a lot from it, so it was not all in vain. :slight_smile:

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What a sweetheart!!

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I look forward to seeing him with hair. He is darling bald though

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