Ethnic/Biracial GHSP help


Hi, I am going to be doing my first Biracial BB kit. I have the ethnic/biracial flesh tones #2, 3, 4, & 5. My question is do I still need to do a yellow wash before starting my flesh colors? Or is that only done when starting off with a caucasian kit? Also, do I use a Caucasian flesh color on the palms and feet first before starting the all over color? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I am not an experienced biracial painter, but I would start with the regular flesh tones and after you get you it close to the shade you want decide if you would like a yellow wash or not. Just by looking around you see everyone does it very differently. Personally I like the tone to look like smooth chocolate milk with very little yellow, but that is just me.


I have done only one biracial,but I think it depends how you prefer the colour of it.
The only thing I can say is:donĀ“t heat it unless you like the colour you have painted.