Ethnic baby advice


Here is where I am at… Gonna do the lips and eyes, and add a second layer to the shadow area around the head… But I am not 100% happy.

Never tried an ethnic skintone before





looks perfect


Looks good to me. Add your little touches…will be perfect.


He is looking great to me! What is it that you are not happy with?


Uneven tone possibly too yellow,creaseslook “dirty”


He’s looking good.
I would add some Lip&Nail red, some yellow undertones, maybe some blue/purple in creases, around nose, etc. If you use thin washes you won’t mess it up…xo




Dark blush in dark areas, blue-purple in creases, and yellowish highlights! Okay!

I am really enjoying this baby. I have stopped work on my other babies to work on this one because it is such an adventure!


I was thinking I needed some “highlights”


I may make my Ashley Awake Indian or ethnic, with lots of fluffy black (strait) hair


I try to do highlights next but I gotta do housework now


maybe do more shading all around the face… Its hard to explain what i mean lol so I’ll attach a pic of one of my WIP pics. Like around the forehead, sides of the face and chin area? I think yours still looks great especially for a first ethnic baby!


did you get brookes tutorials as well? Or just the color chart?


I didn’t share the chin area at all! (Other then creases)
How’s you do the mottling?


I wish! I don’t have several hundred dollars! It’s 100 dollars for half a paint job and another 100 for the other half!


I do yellow ochre, a forest green, a plum purple, the blush color, and dark coffee brown for my mottling :slight_smile: I do it about 6 layers in so they are seen but not overly so :slight_smile: But sometimes I mottle the baby as my second step…and this is how that turns out…same colors mentioned above:


Did some of the things suggesed. Anymore suggestions?
I mostly like it but want some suggestions/oppions.


Very nice!


I think he looks great as this point. I would stop there :blush:


Looks awesome! Cant wait to see it finished with eyes!