Ethnic/AA Painting Tutorials & Tips


I wanted to share a preview of my upcoming series of tutorial videos. These videos will features my methods for Color Mixing, Blending & Painting, Achieving Base Skin Tone, Adding Dimensions and Definition, Shading, Using Powders, and so much more for ethnic and AA painting. These videos for NOW are EXCLUSIVE to my Facebook group. If you want to know how to get access to these full tutorials please contact me!

Please note: This is a small preview not the full tutorial.

How to achieve an newborn African American skin tone?

Yaaahhhhh! I messaged you :slight_smile:


If I used genesis and was on Facebook, I’d be so happy right now. I’m sure there will be lots of excited artists. Looking forward to seeing all of your babies! :blush:


Do we just need to join the group?


I am Nette or Attic Flowers, I am following you!


I messaged too am super excited!




Interested in access information


Can you pm me also? Will you be teaching rooting too?


Yeah rats me too feel kinda left out LOL


I will try to make it available in other ways but for now it is exclusive to the group :frowning:


Thanks will keep my eyes out for it I did book mark what you put here on sight and look at it quite often .


I’m just starting out, but I would love some info on joining your group for these tutorials. Your work is stunning!


I would like to join your facebook group. I do not regularly paint AA or biracial babies because I struggle with them, but I admire yours so much!