Eric completed with spit bubbles


The ceramacoat finally dried really good so I was able to add and finish my squealing Eric. You can see that there is no evidence that I had to fix inside his nose or the back of his mouth. I am so happy with myself for not giving up. Spit bubbles can be a trial to learn to do. I picked him up a new cute outfit at T.J. Max. I think I will keep this boy all for myself. He is huge! He wears size 6 months clothing and fills them out.


Awww such a cutie!


Congrats on not giving up!!! :0)


Spit bubbles look good…


So happy for you; glad you didn’t give up!


Looks like he has a good set of lungs!!! What sculpt is he? I keep thinking he must be big for 6 month old clothes!


He is the Benjamin kit by Sigrun Heck. He is a $70 kit that I won for $39 with his body included. I got a great deal. When I seen the size of his body and the size of his head I knew he was going to be big. I can’t believe that when I first assembled him that I used the wrong body! DUH! I also used a wider cable tie in his neck because I didn’t have a neck ring. The head moves side to side really good like it has a neck ring because of the wide cable tie.


Good for you!!! Isn’t awesome when you find a great deal like that!!


Great job with the spit bubbles and matching the eyebrow and hair color! And I love how you colored the mouth and tongue, it looks like a real baby’s mouth.


Wounderful job!!!


Seeing a crying baby, or doll, always makes me want to pick them up and comfort them. I think he is adorable, the spit bubbles are fantastic, but my heart hurts “hearing” him cry!