Emmy's little brother, Joseph


Hey Everyone!

I just had to share this adorable photo that I forgot I had. This is Emmy and Joseph together, both of which have Realborns of them around this age (Joseph was a newborn, Emmy 18 months old).

I feel so very lucky to have Realborns of my babies! Joseph’s Awake Realborn is being released very soon, so keep your eye out for him. :wink: Emmy will be available in just a few short weeks now, yay!




They are so beautiful!!


AWE! SO cute! I didn’t know Emmy was yours also, Jessica. How neat


It seems you are double blessed two such adorable babies and realborns of both thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.


You have beautiful children!


They are both beautiful Angels .


Thanks so much everyone, I feel very blessed for sure! My Emmy is just as excited for her Realborn as I am. Emmy is her full name, btw. I get a lot of people asking me if it is a nickname for something else, but it isn’t. I actually got the inspiration for her name from seeing her name on one of our customer’s orders. I knew I wanted an “E” name for the baby girl I was expecting, but I didn’t know which name. One day I was checking an order for a customer with the name “Emmy”. When I saw the name, I thought, “THAT’S IT!”. So that means Emmy was named after one of you. :wink:




Gorgeous babes! :heart_eyes: I’m anxiously awaiting Emmy to become available! Thank you for sharing!


I am looking forward to Emmy’s release! A set of brother and sister would be so much fun to do.


I see he is released now! :heart: (Joseph awake)


Something tells me I will be buying some blond mohair soon. They are such beautiful blondies.


So beautiful and sweet


Beautiful babies :two_hearts: Now, you just need a Realborn replica of this photo :blush: How neat!