Emmy kit is intimidating me


Dont know what my problem is (and its not her massive size, ) but I find im very intimidated to attempt to even start Emmy…generally I can sorta pre-envision what direction I may go, but on Emmy I cant seem to get the motor started or personal inspiration…yet I LOVE the kit and seeing all the versions and look forward to each one posted. anyone ever feel this way?


Yes. Looking at Lili Marlaine, feeling the same way. That’s why she is still untouched, sitting on a shelf. :grin:


Guess im glad to know im not the only one who feels this way at times.


Definitely not… but you have less reason to with your amazing skills. :blush:


Thank you, but honestly I struggle like everyone l sometimes I start a kit and think, how do I paint these brows or how do I get the lip color correct…seems as artists we are forever learning. Yet I feel each doll like im just starting to paint and forgot how!


I am intimidated by my Addison by Julie Molloy kit.


@Simone is that a silicone? I dont recall that baby. Ill have to look.


No it’s vinyl. 5728ef27ef54e485b99ebb375e31415dcde55452_1_481x500



I love this kit so much I’m afraid of messing it up!


She is adorable!!! :heart_eyes:


Oh YES now I know the kit, BEST NEWBORN EVER…your so fortunate to have this gem…yup I’d be scared to start this one too…but I CANT wait to see yours. Are you keeping her or him?


looks perfect!


@jenn1 Yes, I plan to keep her! I was so lucky to find the kit.

@Denise1988 This isn’t mine— just a photo I found online…but this is basically what I want her to look like! :heart_eyes: