Ember now Tessie

Well this little one has had a slow gestation but a speedy delivery…I wanted blond with very sparse hair so you could see all the detail on her scalp…but it was too white so I pulled it out and started again…next one was looking green…so after 6 more hours of rooting, pulled out again…and then finally was not doing her hair again…so it has a little red hint to it…I will have to live with it…well I get a phone call Thursday from a previous customer that her sister is in town and wants a baby before she goes home Saturday…with reddish blond hair…and if I have one…talk about the wierd coincident…well she absolutely is head over heals in love with her, she is call her Tessie(Theresa) I think that is a perfect name for her…somethings are just meant to be…

she is very cute, love the hair

She’s really adorable! I love the Ember sculpt.

She is amazing!!! I love, love, love her skintone!!!

Oh boy, I really want to learn to do hair like that. She is a gorgeous baby.

Beautiful baby, she is one of my favorite sculpts too.

Hugs Tina