Ember as a boy

Does anyone have a photo of Ember as a boy?


The first two pictures are the first Ember I sold on Ebay. The third picture was a custom after the people lost the bid from the first one. I LOVE working with this sculpt.

Thank you, Kim.


Ember makes an awesome boy! I love this sculpt. Here are some of mine:

And I’m working on another one now! Did I mention that I love this sculpt?

Karen… I love your “Ember” with rooted hair (first photo) the most!! So cute…

I’ve dressed mine as a boy and as a girl…either way, Ember’s gorgeous…

here is my Ember as a boy…it was the first kit I did with HSGP…probably 6 or so years ago.

Wow ladies -

Those are some awesome boys - I think I am liking Ember as a boy now more than a girl. Thanks so much for posting.