Elsie Eye size 22mm or 20mm?

If you reborned an Elsie did you use 22mm eyes or 20mm eyes? BB site recommends 22mm but I can’t seem to get 22mm to fit in mine at all. On the left eye a 20mm fits well and on the right eye even a 20mm is a very tight fit. It is like the right eye socket is a bit too shallow on one side. I have cut an X in the socket to get it in but it still is not wanting to be totally flush to the eye socket. I was just trying on eyes for color so I am hoping when I paint and heat the kit I can stretch it a bit more but I can’t see getting a 22mm eye in these sockets at all.

I haven’t done Elsie yet (I want to ) but I’m wondering if it is the same problem that was happening with Lulu? The one eye wasn’t correctly molded?

It could be that. I bought 2 kits on sale and I can’t remember if they were seconds or not but I did pay a low price for them. I haven’t tried the eyes on the 2nd kit.

I used 22 mm. I know it was snug and a pain to get the eyes straight but the smaller size seemed to float around in the socket. I even double checked by comparing the pupils to get the size. I know I fell in love with her and I didn’t think I liked her when I got the kit on sale. She is a Keeper! I got an adorable Christmas outfit from an RR for her but a friend borrowed it for her new granddaughter. Here are a photo of the eyes. The lighting isn’t great on it but hoping you can see.

I used 20mm on mine and stuffed stuffing behind the eyes to get them to fit snug

well it must just be this one kit. The 20 mm do not float around in mine at all and I think that is what I will be using in this head. Maybe the other kit I have will use the 22mm. I had to work today and didn’t get a chance to see.

I don’t remember what size eyes I used on the Elsie I did in September, but I know I didn’t have problems with them. I have two kits that I ordered when she was on sale and the eye sockets look the same size (haven’t painted them yet). Maybe it is the same problem as the Lulus.

I ended up using the 22mm eyes in her because I liked the color better. Once the head was warm I was able to make them work but I had to glue them in. You can see in this photo though that her right eye is indeed smaller than her left one.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YHAnqygvNPo/U … +kit+2.jpg