Elora Toddler by Jannie de Lange and Gabriela by Regina Swialkowski


I am from Canada so this could be a good opportunity for someone in this country who wants to try their hand at painting toddlers…I have Elora, 26" toddler, who is totally blank ($50 plus shipping) with no body. Gabriela has been painted with BabyFX airdry and I began rooting her with auburn human hair. She can be stripped and her hair removed or someone can finish her and I’ll send the hair along with her. I can take a picture of her when I get home from work if your interested (so you can see what’s completed on her hair - just send me PM) image The eyes that I have in her are 24mm blown glass in green. They can be included for extra. I’m not sure what to list her for as she is either a big project for some who wishes to strip and remove her hair or a smaller project for someone intent on finishing her.

I’m slowly painting the kits I have and will be selling off anything I have as I don’t have the time or space for this hobby anymore…especially toddlers.


Im am in Canada, Québec, what price if I take both (without eyes) ?