Eloisa by Andrea Arcello arrived

I got my Eloisa today and my gosh! she is small. She is probably about the size of Jewel. I did not expect her to be this tiny.

Now I really want her. I like the little ones.

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I think I ordered her because of her mouth. She’s able to take a small pacifier or her thumb. I don’t call for small babies. Si I gotta figure out if I’m gonna loose my 10.00 or pay her off n sale her.

Can someone please post a close up of inside the mouth? Thanks! From what I see doesn’t seem to be much details in her little mouth… Hoping I am wrong. Such a sweet little baby.

Her beside Darren.


Over all, I would say that she is poorly detailed except for her feet.

Also, I have her on a 19" realborn body. I am not so sure that I won’t trade it for front leg or maybe even 3/4 leg. I still love her, though. Jewel was a surprise favorite of mine, so I am excited to see how Eloisa comes out.


Thanks! I won’t be getting her after all. I like a lot of details in the kits I purchase and she clearly is lacking SO much detail. Such a shame because I have seen other sculpts by this sculptor and they are all beautifully detailed.

I love your Darren!

I forgot to pre order separately, so I won’t get mine until Jocy is ready to ship, but oh well. She is a tiny little thing! For some reason I was picturing her as more of a newborn size. The lack of detail doesn’t bother me. Sometimes it’s fun to challenge myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh I hope I didn’t come off as snoody. I just personally love all the little details. Wasn’t paying attention to how I worded it.

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Not at all! :grin:

I definitely like the detailed kits as well. They are usually easier to bring to life… but every once in a while, I don’t mind an old BB kit or one like this without a ton of detail. It forces me to up my game with contour, shading, highlights, and other details. That’s all. :blush:

Edited to add that lots of people are sensitive to… almost everything these days. I’m not one of them. It is really difficult to offend me.

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Oh good! I always go back and think hm did I word this right?! haha. Those realborns have me spoiled to the details. lol

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Yes!! Definitely this! Realborns have ruined many kits for me. Lol Expensive ones at that! Left up to me, I would probably just mostly stick with them because that really is the ultimate in realism.

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Thank you :slight_smile: He is a keeper. I thought I would sell him until I got a serious offer and then I knew I wouldn’t be letting him go.

I don’t like how her left arm looks at the bend


Ugh! I hate kits like that. :frowning: I wish they would not okay production if the bends are like that

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Now this I do have a problem with. Don’t like that one bit.

I see what you mean, but I think once it’s painted it will look okay.