He is beautiful, good luck if you get to enter.


Can you let me know if you find out what is going on please ? I went and looked the other day and one area said sept 30 and another said December.




I don’t know yet. I have made many thinking they would be keepers, but I still haven’t kept any of them.


Thank you


Have you send them a message? You should ask.


Omg beautiful!! Are the eyebrows painted?


Yes and i just heard back from Brenda.
The deadline is end of December now , they just forgot to change the picture info.


Thank you. Yes they are painted.


So can I still enter him? Or that is only for Noel?


Oh, he is beautiful and definitely a winner! Hope he can be entered!


Fantastic job on him! Love his hair.:heart:


any kit by Olga Auer. :slight_smile: So yes you can enter him


Yes you can enter him… Sorry my grandson’s have had my computer this evening and i just saw your ?


Hes Absolutely gorgeous




Thank. You are THE BEST!!!


Nailed it! love that hair!!!


:grin: thanks.