Ella Now Shannon Leann

Shannon Leann is now on EBay!


I didn’t get one on the deal of the day. Darn! Wish I had now that I’ve seen yours. She’s cute.

Thank you so much foxmom! I always thought this kit was so ugly it is cute, but never could bring myself to buy it a full price. I am now happy I did get her on deal of the day. I am very pleased with the way she turned out. And she is so sad looking she reallly does need a mommy to love her…lol

Love her coloring! She is a sweetie! BOL!

I am so glad you posted your auction on the Ella baby. I bought one on the deal of the day, although I must say, she was not on my top ten list. I am in the process of painting her now & I was so delighted to see how beautifully you reborned her. Great job!..now I am more eager to get mine finished.


wahooo Shannon SOLD LOL

I saw that she sold. Congratulations!