Ella has been born. Painted red hair


it’s a very stormy day but here are a few pictures of cute little Ella! She has painted curly red hair :slight_smile:

. I will take some proper pictures of her tomorrow


Try sizing them a little smaller so they come out the right direction, it’s hard to see these crazy sideways pictures these days!! the hair looks really cute.


I love how you painted curly hair! I’ve never seen that done before! So sweet


Oh I’m sorry! How do I do that from my cell? :slight_smile:


Wow ty Katie!! I really appreciate it!


Geez, I don’t have a clue how you do it. Jenni does, she does it for people all the time. I don’t have one of THOSE kinds of phones and I am NOT computer literate!! Sorry, I only know that if you resize them they come out right. Good Luck with it though.


You can try to crop them, it’s work for me.
Nice baby ! I love redheads !


Good to know!! Ty Lynn!! :heart:


Oh ok I will crop them! I know how to do that so hopefully that will do it! :heart_decoration:


Here are my little favorites olive and Ella. :two_hearts:

I did crop the image. It’s still not right. I’m sorry


I crop mine as a square! It solved my issue :slight_smile:


So from your cell phone you can crop as a square. I have an iPhone. Will check now lol


Okay no problem. I found it :slight_smile: