Elisa Marx kit Edley

I ordered this kit from Macpherson Crafts.
I spent extra for the plugs to go with it. I was sent 4 plugs 2 large and 2 small. The large ones are way too big and do not fit the limbs the small plugs fit all the limbs the large plugs look as if they were meant for the neck but are too small they slide out. When I brought this up to the company and sent pictures I was told that the plugs they sent are specific to the doll and that I may need to cut the vinyl to make the holes bigger. Even if I did this I would still be short a plug for the neck. Not sure why I am getting the run around the small plugs fit all the limbs

It looks as though you were sent two plugs for the arms and two for the legs. You would only need one more for the head if you choose to use it. HTH!

You dont even really need the plugs…i dont use them. Once i add the glass beads to the limbs i fill the rest of the limbs with polyfil and that acts as a plug. I always check to make sure no glass beads come out of the limbs. Other people glue moleskin pads over the holes.


I dont get my plugs at Macphersons. I buy extras at Bountiful baby when I order… they also occasionally have a variety pack of rings and plugs…

I use my extras on non-BB kits

I love Edley. He’s one of my favorite Marx kits. I don’t use plugs so didn’t have a problem with that. I fill the limbs partway with glass beads, pack polyfil tightly the rest of the way, then cover with Dr. Scholl’s moleskin. I tried a generic moleskin once. It didn’t stick. The only problem I had with my Edley kit was the shallowness of the groove on the front half of his neck. There’s no place for the zip tie to go in. It just sits up under his neck.


I buy the larger plugs and rings randomly like @jlesser does , but if I can’t find one that fits my husband cuts cardboard disks that fit under the inside of the flange and that way if people ever want to re weigh their babies they can do so.

I buy rings and plugs when I order from BB and have a plastic box full so when I need them I have them.

The small plugs fit all the limbs the big plugs are way to big for the limbs

The thing is I paid extra and would like them to make it right.

I guess I had missed part of the meaning of your post. I understand now. I do hope you get it straightened out. That has to be so frustrating.

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