Elf Mod Wip


Asher is getting some ears! I’m super excited!
What do you all think?


Well here’s the closer to size shotshot :slight_smile:


Looks perfectly seamless, excited to see how your elf baby comes along!


Super cute!!!


Adorable-great job


Looks great! The colors seem pretty close as well. Is it super sculpey?


Yes in the beige. I just added a few pink flesh and its starting to match.


To asher not his ears lol


Holy WOW!!! GREAT JOB!!!


Very nice!!


It looks so cool!


Love the ears!


They look. Great!!


It looks as if it was molded that way! WOW oh WOW!!! Fantastic!


That looks awesome!


What are you using to do it with? I want some elf babies. lol


Super sculpey 9 bucks at hobby lobby with the coupon!


Does it have to be baked? It looks awesome :smile: Never mind I looked it up lol


So are you painting and baking the ears each layer as you paint the kit?

I have only baked clay a few times (in my kitchen oven) and burnt the tips of my elfs head… soooo I was wondering if the nuwave is safer to bake in.


Yes I’ve been worried about baking but have to since I I baked directly on the vinyl so far so good. Hes only down to details, some blush sealer so maybe 2 more backings. Fingers crossed