Elf Flynn by Laura Lee Eagles


I am so in love with this kit I just couldnt wait to reborn her for my Mother. Needless to say, she loved her :kissing_smiling_eyes:how can you not love that smile!


SO very cute!


I love her!!!:heart_eyes:


So sweet. Putting her on me ‘I want’ list.


‘I want’ lists will get you in trouble. Next thing you know, you’ll have 75 kits in your stash. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Katinafleming I know… I promised myself to paint all 9 kits that I have already and ONLY then buy something new. Let’s see if I disciplined enough :rofl: . I keep reminding myself that most of community here was doing it for awhile, but it so contagious!


Only 9 kits sounds impossible to me. I’m a kit addict. I know it. I accept it. Nothing I can do about it. I might as well embrace it. :crazy_face:


Don’t forget that I started just a little bit more than a month ago (and didn’t sell even one doll). Will count after a year :yum:. BTW, your anniversary is coming! Congratulation!


Rosa, may I ask you how to you do cheeks with that effect? With mottling? Or do you use something else, like brush? What color(s) do you use for your blushing? I just love how you painted her! Thank you!


Yes, Katina, they will get us in trouble. But, I guess I am like you. I am sure I don’t have nearly as many kits as you other folks do who have been doing this longer. But, I have over 40. I see one I want and it is on a good sale, and, if I have dolly dollars, I buy it. Because I don’t know if I will ever get that price again. Sometimes they are cheaper afterwards, but sometimes not.


Awe, she’s very cute :slight_smile:

I really love this kit too…so easy to paint!