Eggs 😍


That’s what we did all last spring and summer. We have lots of beautiful chickens now. If you ever get in the mood to incubate more, I can send you all the eggs you want, you just pay shipping.


How sweet! THANK YOU.

Our home in KY is on 2.25 acres, so we could actually HAVE chickens! We’d have to build a coop first though, as there are dogs and even foxes, according to the previous owner, anyway…


They taste so much different than store eggs. They are not watery either.


In my house, my mom’s the crazy chicken lady and I’m the crazy doll lady.


Oh such pretty eggs!! We are planing on moving to some acreage hopefully by next yr :). I’m so excited as I’d like chickens and a couple of goats :slight_smile:


@Vanniek My plans are hopefully coming to fruition - moving to the middle of nowhere, lol!


That’s what my hubby wants too! I’d love some privacy but so like a little convenience lol :grin:


The privacy outweighs the convenience in my mind. We have a dollar general in town a few miles away. We are also 30 minutes from a moderately sized town with a Walmart and a lot of restaurants. And we are about an hour from both Amarillo and Lubbock. So it’s easy to get where the conveniences are. The only thing I really miss out here is Chic-Fil-a. But it’s not like I ate there all the time when I lived in the city anyway. It’s an hour away. I can go get it if I really want it. But in reality…we have all the home grown food we need. I have 2 freezers full of home raised quail, pork, and turkey along with the venison from 2 deer. My shelves are full of home canned vegetables from the garden and home canned venison and beef. We always have fresh eggs. Half the year we have fresh vegetables. And I could have fresh chicken, quail, turkey, or duck any time I wanted. But the quail are the only ones I don’t mind turning into dinner. The rest are more like pets.


Wow that sounds amazing. I don’t think we are going to be that resourceful:). But I would love a goat and some chickens and a veggie garden:). Hubby is in his early 60’s and I’m going to be 59 so we can’t be doing a ton of really hard physical things. But want to keep as active as possible for as long as possible lol. Hubby doesn’t hunt so we would do the chickens and gardens :slight_smile:


@Vanniek I’ve got 3 years on you and agree with not doing a ton of really hard physical things, lol.
@Katinafleming I am looking forward to the privacy, wish I knew how to can foods. I guess I could get a book for that too!


You tube! That’s been such a help to me for learning esp for reborning! And of course this forum everyone has been so willing to help! :heart:


Start with jelly jam and pickles the easiest to do but none are really hard to do and yes canning books do exist and are so nice to have if just learning .
Also don’t overlook the wonderful slow cooker lol after years of doing tomato sauce apple sauce and so forth the hard way I discovered my slow cooker was great for overnight sauces that were ready to can in the morning :smile:


Canning really isn’t hard at all. You just need a good pressure cooker and a lot of jars. Or for jams and pickles you just need a big stock pot.


I bet that makes delicious sauce❤️


Just delicious and I can throw away the wooden spoon lol let the slow cooker do it all .


I’ve never learned canning! That will be on my to-do list :slight_smile: