Eggs 😍


Absolutely nothing to do with reborn babies. But I just want to show off some of my chickens’ eggs. I’m the crazy chicken lady, and the crazy doll lady…not to mention a few other kinds of crazy too. :wink:


Love it! Can’t wait until I can have chickens someday! And I absolutely love your little egg holder!


Cute! I am thinking about getting chickens too, can we see a pic of your chicken set up?


I have some of the blue and green then I have white my browns died our small flock has dwindled I have one old hen that is just living out her retirement now except every 6 months to a year she lays a robin size egg just to show she is still worth her feed :smile:
I cant do the put them in the pot thing when they stop laying just don’t have the heart to do that they are such pets now .


I loved it when we had chickens. They’re cute.


We live out in the country. We have 5 acres, surrounded by fields on all sides. Our chickens go all over the place. We have some coops. But a lot of them took over a little old garage that we were using for our quail. A couple of them moved out to the big barns to try to hatch babies. And one chicken got tired of the roosters abusing her, so she moved into the car garage where the cats and dog sleep. The dog sleeps on an old couch. She sleeps on a chair right beside him. Two ducks and a turkey also moved into that garage to try to hatch babies. I’ll try to get some pics later of what we set up for them…several tractor supply coops and one we made. A few still live in those. But more than half moved out to the garages. As for how many we have…I have no idea. Probably around 70 chickens, 7 turkeys, 5 ducks, and 100 or so quail. It’s ridiculous how many we have…yet some are determined to hatch more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oooohhh I LOVE your egg holder! My family has chickens too. Your bluish-green ones are beautiful, do you have Americanas?


Wow! That is a lot. Is the feed expensive? I think where I am moving I need to have a structure of some kind for their protection.
@marrabo I will not be eating them either, lol!


I only have four left we buy 16% protein layer pellets it has been costing $8.99 a bag and last a long time for that amount of chickens.
Ours have favorite snacks lol corn,peas,macaroni and cheese followed by pop corn light on the macaroni and cheese too much is bad and pop corn should not be microwave pop corn.
We learned the hard way on the microwave pop corn it will kill the hens something in the bag leaches into the corn we lost two good layers that way .
But yeah they became pets right after we got them as chicks and made the mistake of naming them and playing with them :smile:


Pretty!!! You must have a few Easter eggers !


We have a bunch of different breeds. Our blue and green egg layers are black Americaunas, Easter Eggers, true blue whitings, crested cream legbar, Isbar, and olive Eggers. They are really much bluer than the picture shows. I don’t know how to get good photos.


If you ever want more, I can send you some hatching eggs. Idk who mates with who, but they should all be pretty babies. You can have some for free. Just pay for shipping. :wink:


We spend about $40 a week for food. But most of that goes to the quail food. Our chickens, turkeys, and ducks all free range all day. They don’t care for the feed much, except for scratch grains and meal worms. We also scramble a lot of their eggs, complete with shells and feed them back to them.


I see I have a lot to learn, better get a book.


We have lost 2-3 to preditors and 2 got run over by cars. We have a big huge st Bernard, pit bull mix that protects them.

This is Jack, the chicken protector. He keeps all coyotes, skunks, raccoons etc away. Best dog ever.


What a cute little boy! I love your dog. We had a St. Bernard when I was little. I am going to get a dog too.


Thank you. That’s my youngest son, Caedmon. :heart:


How sweet of you Thank you , I think sometimes I should get more we enjoy the eggs much better than store bought . But then I think well I shouldn’t being as it adds more work and most of the kids have flown so we don’t need so many . :smile:


Thats cute. You made me want to eat some eggs. :blush:


I used to order fertile eggs off eBay and I used a tabletop incubator to hatch them! So fun