Eden is in stock


I just got an email that Eden is in stock.


yea two hours later…GONE we have had h1n1 all week and home and the minuet I leave the pc to get my son’s makeup work at school, look what was released…go figure! thanks for the update gina.


You must have wanted a Peach one cuz’ they have the pink ones. I didn’t order any yet. I just got Shyann and Molly.


I loved reborning shyann, she was my favorite so far. I was thinking about snatching up one of these kits since it’s a larger sized baby, but I’m not sure yet…I have a few I need to finish before I think about new kits! But I’d hate to lose out! Tough choice!


I wasn’t going to get another Shyann but have a lady that wants one similar to the ethnic one I made and sold on ebay.


Were your Shyann’s eyes unlevel? I got a test head from someone and it looks really unlevel. Maybe its because its a test head?


Mine look fine. Now Molly’s ears are another story.


my eyes were fine on shyann