Eden is all done,, what do you think of her?

I had a time with the body, the arms seemed to far back and the head wants to tilt backwards lol, did any of you that done eden have any problems??

Aww she’s beautiful Sharon. I had that problem with my Paisley. Maybe I just didn’t stuff her right. She does have different limbs and stuff so that may be my problem. I haven’t done an eden yet so not sure about that one.

thank you p-chan,

Your welcome Sharon. I love your paisley. She is so pretty. I am tempted to try another paisley kit now that I know what I am doing. Well sort of! lol

I love the paisley kit,

Was your paisley kit a pink kit? Mine was peach and she looks really grey now. Yours looks so rosy and light.

Your Eden is sooooooooooooooooo cute chub legs I love, can’t wait to do mine

She is beautiful, well done. Can’t wait to start on mine…

She turned out really cute. I love the curly hair.

thank you ladies, yes I used BB body,

she is gorgeous!!! well done!!!

She is very sweet!

She’s adorable, Sharon…you did a great job on her!

She looks great! Love that curly hair.

I think the head tilting backwards might just be the shape of her head in general. I assembled my unpainted kit to see how big she’d be and immediately decided to try putting weight around her chin as well as at the back… I’d be happier if her head tilted forward instead of backwards, it seems more natural to me.

Love your Eden. Gorgeous hair! I haven’t had time to do mine yet. Just hope she turns out as well as yours!

thank you so much ladies, and dolllover , yours will turn out great, post pics of your edens, I would love to see them, she is a BIG baby, I went and bought her an outfit, 3 to 6 mon and it fits perfect, I’ll post some pics with it…

What a little cutiepie, She’s precious.

    Hugs Tina