Eden for trade

Too big for me…she is perfect except her eye-sockets are (very nicely) opened. Would trade her for a smaller baby kit you may not bond with. Pet/smoke free home.

do you mean one of the preemie babies?? or just a regular size baby?? lol

Ah…I’d prefer a NB sized - even small - but not preemie… no preemie clothes in Greece. You have something in mind?

wow, I didn’t realize you were in Greece…I think that would cost an arm and two legs to even mail a kit there…lol

I always contribute to the shipping charges through paypal, so you pay as much you’d pay for a US destination. It costs around $17-$19 to ship one kit to Greece First Class.
I’m off to work now. If you have something to propose for trade, send me a PM. I have excellent Feedback with all my transactions - and I always pay part of the shipping for an even trade. I will be able to log back in in about 4 hours.

I can personally vouch for Eleni. We’ve done a couple trades, and they were perfect!
Not a problem at all, and yes she pays the difference of shipping!!


Thank you Pam!!! It’s been a long time, but I do step from time to time by your site and check on the sweeties!

You are welcome!! I’m afraid I’ve not had many to post this past year, but hoping
to change that! And by all means, stop by anytime!