Eden and Caitlyn's visit to the ER!

At almost midnight this morning, my grandpa told Amber and I that he needed to go to the ER because he wasnt feeling good and he couldnt breathe. Since we didnt know how long we would be in there, we decided to wake up Eden and Caitlyn to take with us so we could work on their rooting (well, we woke up their heads. Their arms and legs were allowed to still sleep). Eden and Caitlyn were NOT happy about being woken up in the middle of the night so we could poke holes in their head. The hair didnt cooperaite with us too good. It always wanted to stand strait up no matter what we tried (since they wanted to be back in bed, I guess they wanted “bed head”).

As were were wokring on them, we SURE did scare some nurses (thank goodness emergency care was just on the other side of the wall) !!! At first glance they thought we had real baby heads!!! They laughed SOOOO hard after they got over their shock. One of the nurses was interested in what we were doing and came over to ask us questions. Amber and I told her a little bit about reborning. She, of course, had never heard about it before. When she went back to the nurses station, she was telling all the other nurses about what we told her.

After being in the ER for 3 hours, and having some tests done, they said that grandpa was ok. He was just having a bad anxiety attack.

Id be having anxiety myself at that time of night. Move over Grandpa.
I am glad he is ok nothing serious.

I scared the nurses at the maternity ward with my baby when I went to ask for some empty disposable formula bottles. They told me they were considered hazardess waste so I couldnt have any.

Did you drum up any business last night?

Im glad your Grandpa is ok i will pray for him.Good luck on the rooting.

Glad to hear that everything is okay. Be sure to post pictures of your “heads” when they are done. I have an Eden kit that I am going to have done eventually. Would like some ideas. I can just imagine the nurses walking by and doing a double take!

cute story. thanks for sharing. Glad your granddad is okay. I never thought of taking my baby heads out but it’s kind of like knitting and if you have to go somewhere and wait why not put the time to good use.
Have fun reborning.