Has anyone tried Ebids and if so how well do you do on it


sorry, I’ve never even heard of it. I take it that it is a type of ebay spinoff?


Ok so I am trying the free part of ebids so far no views but if i did get views and sells think it would be a good place the only fee there is for non members “free selling” is if your item sells and its cheaper than ebay 3.5% ebay is 9% you can become a lifetime member for 80.00 which allows you to post more pics and have no fees even if your item sell. If more people knew about it I think it would be great NO FEES for the 80 is well worth it to me if you get sells. I think right now its just well know over seas. So I dont know if you want to try it and check it out also if you refer people you get some point things dont know what that is or dont care but if we can get the ebids place know and get sells sounds like it could be better than ebay. http://us.ebid.net/index.php?from=googl … TAodiWZa2Q


that fee is a one time fee for a lifetime membership