Ebayer 0 feedback?


I have never had a problem with a first time 0 feedback buyer either. Everybody had 0 when they started.


I will quote @cajuncuties because she sums it up perfectly.

That person did not do that (especially as someone who had no feedback so far he/she should have done that though).


Thats not the point though. @joanne asked specifically that a 0 feedback bidder should CONTACT her FIRST. That would have given him/her a chance to build up trust with the seller.


But you do not know what are this person’s circumstances. Not everybody has their own computer. Few years back I sold a doll to 0 bidder, and no PP payment was made, so I went through the process, emailed her and when she did not answer, I opened dispute, gave her a strike and relisted. Then i got a frantic phone call from very shaky old lady who informed me payment was made into my bank. I did not notice, I do not check my bank, nobody pays $500 to stranger’s bank… Luckily the doll was not sold, so I cancelled the listing and sent it with heaps of apologies and extras.
It was an old lady who had no computer, the purchase was made on her friend’s computer, and the email address they registered for her fr the account obviously went nowhere.
This is all about not having the empathy to understand that not everybody has a smart phone, computer in every room, understands how technology works, and perfect vision.


Your comment makes no sense. If the vision is so bad that that person can`t even read what he/she is bidding on, or doesn’t understand how technology works than he/should ask for help or not bid at all, it is is called responsibility . I wouldn’t want to deal with irresponsible buyers. to each their own though.

Sorry, but if a person has the ability to work the BID button (like in this case) that person should be also able to READ and hit the contact button first.

Don’t blame the seller and suggest lack of empathy. Ain’t nobody have time for analyzing every bidders personal circumstances. Ebay requires the ability of communication, and if someone is unable to communicate -with or without help- well, sorry. It’s not for you then. I bet most sellers are willing to be attentive and helpful and have empathy, but COMMUNICATE with them. I think thats not too much to ask for.


I didn’t ask if that was the point…I said I had good experiences with people with 0 feedback and pointed out that everybody started with 0.My comment was taken out of context by you.I know what she said she put in her listing.I read very well.My comment was not directed to you either.


I canceled the bid today along with my reason, which was sent to the bidder. It was removed and I was relieved. Then a few hours ago, I was notified that I got another bid, only to find out it’s the same bidder. So I have to cancel again and this time block.


I can respect your quest to get the most for your reborns, but have you considered doing BINs to alleviate the stress and aggravation of dealing with these noncompliant bidders?


Yes I have, I’ve had her listed in every way possible and nothing but bidders that don’t follow thrue. This last time listed with just a starting price, a very low price. Most likely I won’t get what she’s worth, but I’ve had enough with this one. Buyers just don’t realize the time it takes and the cost to the artist. I’m ready to just let this one go. I’ve sold every doll I’ve made, I’m not a collector and don’t plan on being one.


same here! When I sold on ebay, some of my fastest payers and repeat buyers were rather new, with low feedback. My one scammer/ horror buyer had 360 good feedback… BUT I would follow your own instincts, and BOL what you decide


The buyer’s ONLY responsibility is to pay within given time. eBay gives the possibility to communicate, but there is no rule that buyers have to.

I still do not get it why on earth would people think that having buyer to make a contact before bidding will guarantee safe transaction. There is no guarantee that somebody who will contact you will pay. If somebody wants to mess up your auction and not pay they can snipe, and not pay.
Actually, if you keep cancelling bids you may very well end up with the winner not paying, because, they may have noticed they were outbid, and went and bid on another doll.

Actually, my absolutely worst experience was with buyer who already bought from me and was absolutely over the moon with her babies. Although there was a bit of problem when buying her second one as she could not decide between 2 dolls I had for sale, and she made me not only to deliver, but swap them (after I driven 50miles? to her place and back). She was mentally ill, and some months later she bought everything I had for sale and immediately left negative feed back saying “F… you, your dolls are total rubbish”. It took many hours on the phone to eBay to have the FB removed.

here is the story, she had hundreds of FB:


One of my 0 FB stories:


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