Ebay vs. Etsy

I have a few things on Etsy and have sold 2 items (but not dolls) although they do get a lot of views.


I always list on both places and so far haven’t sold a doll on Etsy but have gotten several messages there about the most recent one I listed.

I’m sure that the messages were letting you know what a gorgeous baby you have;)

Oh you are too kind! Thank you!

Can I ask what your average selling price is on Etsy?

The other place to sell is uhippo. Like etsy, it’s newer so doesn’t have the traffic. Maybe if more of us move to etsy or uhippo the buyers will eventually come too. We need an affordable alternative to eBay.

I have tried Uhippo as well as Bonanza. I haven’t sold a baby on either of those places either. I did get a $100 bid on one I had on Uhippo but that did not meet the reserve.

Woo Hoo I sold a baby on Etsy, well sort of. A lady on there contacted me about doing a layaway on the reborn Sydney I had on auction. She has already made her down payment and is sending the balance next week.

I have never listed on Ebay I only have an Etsy store. I have gotten $200 for my babies. Sold 3 there since opening in April. If I work hard this weekend I will have 2 more to put on there and next weekend I’ll have another 2. My store is "marcy11"
What are your stores names everyone?

Maybe I"ll have to move over to Etsy. Ebay sales seem to be really bad right now.

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i list on ebay but opened an account on etsy but haven’t used it yet, but was wondering do you need to write that your baby is listed on another site

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No you don’t. First off if you mention in an ebay auction another site Ebay will accuse of you trying to use them to direct your sales to other sites and they will pull you auction. What I have done is put the link to my website in my Ebay about me page. Then on my website I list Ebay and Etsy as being places I sell. If I list a baby on Ebay and Etsy at the same time I just have to follow them closely and as soon as I get a bid/sale on one I end the auction on the other. Ebay has an option to end an auction where you can choose “Item No Longer Available” so that tells me they know you might have it for sale other places as well.