ebay stinks!!

I didn’t realize that bidders could retract their bid. I had a bid on my Gabriel since Tuesday and then this afternoon it was gone. So, I read up about it and people can retract. The person must have just lied to them in order to get out of it!! I guess it’s a good thing, then. She probably would have been a NPB. Why have rules if you aren’t going to enforce them!!

I’m sorry, Kim, but yeah, had the person not retracted the bid it probably would’ve ended up a NPB. Ebay just gets worse all the time.

awww I am sorry that happened to you !!

A person has up to the last 12 hrs to retract thrie bid. All they have to do is say they entered the wrong bid amount. Another words LIE!

=( Thats awful. I wasnt aware you could even do that

I read the guidelines. They have it that you can retract because of “accidentally” placing a bid or “accidentally” putting the wrong amount. This lady had her bid in for two days and it was the first bid. So, to me, neither one of these fit the bill!!