Ebay question help


i ordered some things on ebay. They did not arrive I have waited almost 2 week after they were suppose to be here. I opened a case and the seller has responded to close case then they will refund my money. Is that the way it should be done or them refunding should close the case. they said they tried to refund but couldnt. i dont understand,

Also with a different one they advertised a specific brand of product then shipped something similar (as in a generic version) They keep insisting i send pictures to show them the difference, I cant figure out how to send them pictures.
advice please


Ebay messages allows pictures to be sent,click on the little camera.No you usually wait until money is refunded to close the case.Once you close the case it can not be reopened if they do not refund you.


Do not close the case then they will be cleared to ever solve anything again.
Escalate the case to eBay


No don’t close the case. Let Ebay/PayPal decide on the dispute. Once the case is closed you will not be able to open another for the item


If there was a tracking number try the post office or whatever company it was shipped through. It does seem a little unusual for her to so quickly decide to refund your money instead of trying to find out where it went. Unless she never mailed it…


Large sellers usually just refund, especially if it is something not expensive. It’s not worth the hassle to them. I even had $80 item that came with slight, albeit annoying problem and whenI told them they just refunded the whole amount. I would have been happy with small partial refund.


As others said, under NO circumstances close the case. When they refund, the case will close automatically. Only scammers will ask you to close the case first.

Escalate the case to claim.


How did this end?!


i finally asked ebay to step in and i got my refund and they closed the case.


Ebay isnt the ebay it used to be, there are way to many scammers and counterfeit product’s that ebay ignores.
Did you by chance request a tracking number at the moment you paid for your purchases? If so you can see if your package was ever shipped and its location. If you paid with paypal. Contact paypal and email them the invoice and all messages that was between you and the buyer and after you do that then CALL Paypal and speak with a representative and they will refund your money and also fine the seller.
Btw whats the sellers name? You can try and do a google search on them get see if they pulled this before.

I had posted 4 dolls on ebay and they all sold but not one buyer paid for any of them and i even had some nasty chic curse me out after winning the auction and say she don’t want my f*kin doll and i filed complaints with ebay and opened cases against all the buyers and ebay closed all the cases and didn’t do anything against the buyer’s but ebay raised and charged me a final sale payment!!


You really ought to read the topic before answering; the OP already got their refund.

It should not be necessary to request tracking number; most sellers use eBay label printing and the tracking number is automatically shown in your purchase history next to that item.

If you get not paying buyers, you have to open NPB case, and close it as soon as possible. If you read the instructions, and followed them, you would have got your money back. Here is what the instructions say: “It’s important to close out any unpaid item cases. If you don’t close an unpaid item case within 36 days, we’ll close it for you, but you won’t be eligible for a final value fee credit.”

If you opened cases against the non payers they would have got a strike against them, and as most experienced sellers block people with strikes, these buyers would have found soon that they are unable to buy lots of stuff they would like.

it may be a good idea to read up on the way to use eBay if you want to sell there.